Wednesday, September 28, 2011

River of Time

This is probably my favorite event in our area. It's held once a year, and it's FREE! OK, they do have henchmen standing at a "Donations" bucket, so it's not really free... but still! It's the cheapest entertainment we'll have all year. Everyone at the event is so nice, it's very family friendly. And I get to hear people playing dulcimers. Awesome.

Casey goes for the root beer, I go for the kettle corn. We polished off 2 bags of this stuff. SO good.

Rachel was happy to pet the goats.

We felt the elk and bear furs.

Candy... marbles... it was hard to get Adam to move on.

Adam looked at the roasting meat and said, "There's grass all over it!" The man explained that it was thyme. :)

Panning for gold- Adam's favorite part, of course.

Rachel and Anna picking out scraps for their rag dolls

Here's Bethany and her new friend Lilly. So sweet!