Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is what summer is all about

The beach +best friends gabbing for three hours = the most wretched sunburn we have EVER had. So when you see Jenny on Sunday, please, don't pat her on the back. Just smile kindly and say, "Nice to see you!"

My parents have a crazy strawberry patch this year. I thought I'd never hear my mom utter the words that she'd "had enough strawberries", but she did indeed say that. That just means that I get some more. :)

Anna enjoys the lilies almost as much as the rabbits do.

The in-laws popped in for a bit tonight. George is doing amazingly well! They went to Ann Arbor today, he had some stitches taken out (where the melanoma was removed on his back), and they took the drain tube out from under his arm where the lymph nodes were removed 2 weeks ago. He is ready to start chipping and putting. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a Reminder

The coolest people in the world (Jenny and Josh incase you weren't sure) will be at Immanuel this Sunday!
We thought we could in together on some pizzas- Hot and Ready or something of that nature.
We will go back to the pavillion weather permitting. If you want to bring pop or something else to munch on go for it!
See you Sunday!

Father's Day

Sunday night we went to the church picnic. Anna fell asleep in the van on the way home, so after putting her to bed the rest of us went out to enjoy the lovely evening. It was a great Father's Day. I was so happy Casey didn't have to work!


What in the world is Casey doing with that stick... Oh wait that's Adam.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Things that Bothered Me Yesterday

1. I went to the mall because Macy's was having a big sale. While I walked through the parking lot I observed a mom yacking a mile a minute on her cell phone. That is fine, HOWEVER, she was holding the cell phone with her chin and shoulder as she was assembling a large stroller. The children were carrying on in the vehicle.
Let's just say... if I were the carjacking type- I would be in Florida right now.

2. As I was coming home from my excursion to the mall, I came up to a busy corner where car washes are frequently held by teenagers who are trying to raise money for their church groups, sports groups, etc. Well, the Pom pon squad was having their car wash. 2 girls were on the corner wearing string bikini tops and super tight/short shorts holding up their car wash sign and bumpin' to the music of passing cars.
Do their parents think that's OK? Does the pompon squad leader think that's OK? What is wrong with this picture!?!??!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Nights are Back!

Let's face it- I know nothing about photography. But I just read somewhere that it is indeed OK to take a pic facing the sun, you can see the sunlight playing on the children's hair blah blah blah...
and it does indeed turn out great!

The kids are always begging to go on a picnic. Eating outdoors far from running water with 5 kids is not on my list of Favorite Things to Do ( I hate dirty hands). I sat inside with Anna and ate my leftover Chinese while I let the others have their picnic. Nothing like Doritos on a summer evening.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out with the Old...

The kids really enjoy the swing set. They spend HOURS out there. However, it has seen better days (it was a hand-me-down that already had years of love before we inherited it). So get ready for this... we are looking to build a nice sturdy wooden swing set!!! With the help of Mickie K. Sr., I believe my dreams really will come true. AND he said if we name our next child after him he would give us a sweet discount. Done.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Ladies on the Loose

Yesterday I got to hang out with my friend Amanda! We went to a garden event I guess you would call it. Different vendors were there with anything from crafts to books to flowers. It was glorious. Everything but the guy puking his guts out right into the flowers. What the heck. I couldn't stop staring. Amanda wanted to run away. Other than that it was a perfect outing.
After we left there we stopped at the farmer's market and bought strawberries and matching phlox- because all friends should have matching flowers. Hers, of course, will be towering over mine in a matter of weeks. Amanda just has that way with plants. Her husband is really tall, too, but I think he was like that before they met.
(Side note: the flowers pictured were not the ones that were puked on. These smelled really really good, actually. I might have to go out to Abele's again...)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ahh, my little Anna-belle. She is going to turn me gray way before my time. EVERY time I turn around I am pulling something out of her mouth... a chunk of dirt, a wad of kleenex, a piece of a plastic wrapper... it goes on and on. It feels like we are yelling at the other kids constantly to keep all their little bits picked up, but it's hard to catch everything.

Amanda, you gave me this plant a couple years ago, remember? I think I finally figured out how to get a close-up pic that's not blurry, I'm so excited!
Amanda and I are going to a gardening event downtown this week, we are beside ourselves with joy. I didn't think I was going to be able to go, but lo and behold the Lord works in mysterious ways. Casey ended up getting Wednesday off! (He is at work tonight instead, which is kinda crappy. He'll crawl into bed in the middle of the night and I'll roll out a couple hours later.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Picks of the Week

Great Grains with raisins, dates, and pecans how I love you. I could eat you for three meals a day. Well, at least for a couple days, anyway. Then I'd need some Velveeta.

Tommy and I popped into Abele's today. How wonderful. The workers are always cheerful. Somebody actually asked me if I needed help. Unlike the young library worker today who stomped by with an armful of books and stated loudly, "Working here is going to drive me CRAZY!!!" Huh. There is no way this chick could handle McDonald's, so she had better stay where she is.

Speaking of the library, this is a book I checked out today. The kids have laughed all ten times that we've read it. Rachel asked if she could take it to school and show her friends. Oh boy. I really got it for Abby, she has been going around all day saying, "... and sat and sat and sat and sat..." which is what the kid does on the potty. So cute. It would be even cuter if she pooped on the potty tomorrow.