Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New and Improved Adam

My first child to need glasses. He has struggled all year with his reading. He sits 2 inches from the tv. Did I put 2 and 2 together? No. Not until a note came home from school saying he didn't pass the vision test that the Health Dept. administered. Oh boy. Well, he has been very excited about the new glasses. He just got them today and has worn them most of the day. He couldn't wait to clean them tonight because they came with a nifty spray bottle and microfiber cloth.

And yes, they were out catching bugs this evening, nothing gets past him now.

Flowers for Amanda

EVERYBODY wants to help water.

I love my screened in porch. This is where I sit and dream about frolicking in the yard again. I am heavy with child and still very sore from coughing. I know I'm not suffering like Paul in prison or anything, but there are days where I just want to cry and get some more ice cream. But now that's not even as fun because I've been getting heart burn lately. I can't win.

My astilbe compared to Amanda's are very... puny. So I took a close up so it looks rather nice and fluffy. Adam loves this one.

Awww, the boys are sharing. That's just a bonus photo.

Lily 'Pollyanna' and my favorite unnamed daisy.
This is one of the few lilies to survive the rabbit.

Burgundy gaillardia

Daylily 'Gordon Biggs'. It might be Briggs, I don't exactly remember.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

32 weeks

This is always our big milestone! Rachel, our first, was born at 32 weeks so we are always relieved when they days just keep going by without my water breaking. I'm still battling a cough with the help of some antibiotics, praying that the hacking is gone and my ribs aren't sore when it comes time to push this baby out.
We had to bribe with ice cream sandwiches to get this photo. And even then it's impossible for Tommy to stand still.

Friday, June 11, 2010

School's out- let summer begin!

We always love the first flush of roses to pop out. The rose bushes were here when we moved in- yay for me! We removed the ones that were sub-par performers. Adam is always on aphid alert, he has an eye for these things.

This peachy one is my favorite!

Not everything is going so well in the garden. This was my new perennial. The evil little rabbit that hangs out in my flowers has devoured it. I was surprised because they don't have an interest in the other coreopsis (like the yellow one at the top of my blog). Oh well. My spray bottle broke so I haven't been able to coat it with something nasty. You just wait, you little scum sucker. Casey loves to get the paint ball gun out at my beck and call.

Rachel and Abby get along splendidly for being 5 years apart. Rachel likes to play school, and Abby is a more than willing pupil. It's a win-win situation.

Now this is a rare sighting. "What are you doing???" I ask more than puzzled. "We are playing that we are crossing the street." Hmmm. Maybe they could play this game all day. Look at how happy they are.

My Youngest... for a couple more months

Anna will turn two right around the time I give birth to the new baby. She is such a delight. Daddy is in love with her. He loves her big brown eyes. :) Anna really is a funny little thing. She loves to carry around a pen and paper, I think she gets that from Rachel. Anna is much more cuddly than the other kids were at this age. She loves to sit on the porch swing with me. My big belly doesn't seem to get in her way, she just cuddles from the side. I hope the new baby doesn't throw her off too much.