Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Casey's Birthday!

Casey turns 30 today! We celebrated in our usual fashion- he picked up lunch at McDonald's, then we enjoyed some cupcakes! We had to light the candle about 10 times so everyone had a turn or two blowing it out. But the fun is over now and he is off to work. At least we had a productive morning in the yard, now it's too hot to do anything.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY! We love you! I hope you look at this at work!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sarah Glupker- this one's for you

Looky looky what Casey found at his parents house. He loved it so much that even the pupils are worn off.

Memorial weekend in Cheboygan

We are on our way to Cheboygan! The kids did great on the ride up, we only stopped once for a potty break. The ride back wasn't so great, but that's typical. We had a great time, nobody was hurt, and we got to see Maude's new carpet in all 3 bedrooms. Very nice! Now the kids will be counting the days til Labor Day.

It takes approximately 3 years on this computer to go back and turn this photo around. So just cock your head to the side to see how cute my boys are. They love to roam around grandma and grandpa's big back yard.

It was nice to get to spend some time with Laurie and Dean, too! I hear they are turning him into a real card shark.

It's a big deal to Adam and Rachel that they have their own table to eat at in the garage. Here is grandma supervising.

Casey's grandma and grandpa Veihl stopped by for a visit. Grandma loves the babies, and grandpa likes to talk about his garden and World War II.

Daddy's big helper.

The kids made a big deal out of having a bonfire, then they didn't want their marshmallows roasted. Crazy.

Here are the kids outside with Grandpa George. They were busy stomping on ants.

The Big Date

Well here we are (in Cheboygan), on our big date! The plan was to eat at Dairy Queen, and then see Spider Man 3. Let me tell you, the burgers were to die for, and the movie was great! We had a few little pitstops along the way...

Here is Casey by the river. We had fun watching the fish, there were some big ones!

Since it was Memorial Day, I wanted my picture taken in the patriotic gazebo. God bless our troops.

Before we headed to the movie we drove down by the water. I thought the coast guard boat was cool. It was much more impressive in real life.

Just to humor me, we stopped to look at flowers. I don't dream of being in Victoria's Secret, I dream of being on Burpee's seed catalog.

We weren't quite ready to go back to the house, so we stopped at a garage sale , then we took a little detour down a dirt road. It was just farm land with lots of cows. To me, this was a perfect ending to a perfect date. I am thankful to God for my husband and how much fun we have together!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tub Time

Ahhh, there's nothing like a clean baby! I usually give Abby a bath in the little baby tub, but I threw her in with Rachel tonight. It sure helped with Rachel holding her, I need to get one of those things like Stephanie has that suctions to the tub and the baby can sit in it on her own. You'd think by the fourth kid I would've thought of everything by now.

And I notice when I look at that picure it looks like I have a mustache. I think I need to go examine that a little closer. I have a date with my husband on Monday (in his home town no less). I don't want people thinking he met me at the circus.


Here was another one of those moments where I looked out the window and the 3 of them were sitting there in a close huddle and I thought, "How nice, they are playing so well together!" So I went out to take a picture, and I discovered they were picking the flower buds off Judy's peony bushes and disecting them. They know how mad I get when they pick at mine, so I guess they decided to pick at someone elses. And there's nothing like encouraging their behavior with a few photos of the moment.

Too Cute

You gotta love free stuff! Casey came home with these cars for the kids a couple days ago, Thomas just loves them. I thought Abby looked hilarious sitting there. She teetered off a second after this was taken, but don't worry, we caught her.
And wow, look at how clean my house is! When the weather gets nice it just all goes to heck. I got seeds to plant!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It has been so hot the past couple days, the kids were dying to get out the wading pool. So here they are, Thomas is always napping when the fun stuff goes on. By the end of the day the water was black because they were putting dirt by the scoopful into the water. Rachel always blames Adam for the naughty things that go on, but she is just as guilty.

Poor Abby had her shots yesterday. The kids are always very concerned when she comes home with bandaids all over her legs. Abby is in the 75% for height and weight. She kept trying to crawl off the table when the Dr. was examining her, so they were pleased with her motor skills!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Upon further investigation, I don't believe Laurie, Ben, Angie, and Phil have been tagged yet. So when you have a away!

I've been tagged

I really consider myself to be quite boring. I feel like everybody knows everything about me (or at least Jenny LaBo does), but I'll try to come up with some random facts.

1. The first movie I ever saw at the theater was "Lady and the Tramp".

2. For kindergarten graduation I was a narrator for our play "The Three Little Pigs". I had it all memorized, but when speaking in front of the crowd I forgot the next lines. So I just repeated what i already said. I thought it was better than awkward silence.

3. Growing up I always thought I would have 2 children.

4. When playing in the hay mow at my grandma Decker's, my cousin Lane pushed a hay bale on my head and I thought he could've killed me.

5. When toilet papering Pastor Ray's house (in the dark of course) I tripped and landed on top of a big stone that was in the front yard. It knocked the wind out of me so hard I thought I was going to die (again). And everyone stood there laughing at me, including Jenny LaBo.

6. Recovering from hernia surgery is worse than giving birth (in my opinion)

7. When we were young my mom would take us every summer to visit her friend Penny who lived in Fergus, Ontario. One of the most beautiful places I've been is the Elora Gorge, which is nearby.

8. I spent the first 4 years of my life in a trailor with a leaky roof. I remember one time in particular after it rained really hard and the carpet was soaked i put on my little red rubber boots to help my mom and dad with the mess. Dad yelled at me to go back to my room. I was crushed, I just wanted to help. I must've been 3.

I think most of my friends have been tagged already, so I will look forward to reading their lists!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gopher Award Night

This was Sunday night, the kids were presented with their awards from Gopher club. Their t-shirts were really cute, they had everybody's handprint on them from their class. Ms. Donna and Ms. Peggy did a great job with the kids. Rachel LOVES gophers!

Monday, May 21, 2007

It Hurts

So I went over to Heather Hartwick's tonight. She put her whole heart into trying to get me straightened out. It was painful. I won't lie. Her daughter Sam would sit inches from my face and watch my expressions. "Oh mom that one really hurt her." I have given birth 4 times without any pain meds, but I just can't take back pain. I am now walking upright, so that is good. She said we might have to do it again tomorrow. I'll pray that I stay "at my center" and not start leaning again. Casey ran to the store to get me a heating pad. When you are young you step out for ice cream.. when you're old you go out for a heating pad.

Breakfast with Tommy

This is Sunday morning with Tommy, we love to eat cocoa wheats and toast together. I think he gets up early just so he can have all the attention. He is so happy in the morning, it's hard to keep him quiet so the others can sleep. He is finally saying words! I think the cutest is when he calls for Adam "Buddy! Buddy!" But it sounds like "Butty". Very cute.

I'm home for lunch right now, my back is still bothering me. I might take Heather Hartwick up on her offer, she said she'd work on me tonight if I wasn't feeling better. Our church has so many gifted people, and they are very generous with their gifts.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Parents

My parents came today for their typical bi-monthly visit. I love that my parents are just like me (or I'm just like them). We have a routine, and that's just how we are. They arrive the same time every other Saturday (usually), they play outside while I fold clothes that have stacked up all day, then Steve says, "Pizza tonight?" Of course! When we're feeling zany we'll get Quizno's, but not today. You can't beat Hot and Ready.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pictures from yesterday

Here's my columbine that I bought on clearance last year. It is huge this year. Adam calls it the Valentine plant.

Angie, this one's for you. :)

We inherited this scooter from Sahknaa. The kids love to go back and forth to Judy's house.

Look, Cathy! The big purple flowers love it at my house!

We went to Amanda's house yesterday afternoon. That's my MOPS friend I've mentioned before. It was nice and sunny so we ate outside. She has 2 kids- Emma and Andrew. Her hubby doesn't get home till late , too, so it was nice to have supper together.

Here are Emma, Rachel, and Adam in the bouncy thing. They sure loved that!
Casey fixed it, I will post pics later! He changed the time and for some reason that worked?!?!? I'm off to Bay Valley for a class (dental hygiene cont. ed.). Hopefully it will be interesting. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't.


I am not able to post pictures! I don't know what to do! I had some cute ones from yesterday (of course) and I am not able to pull up ony pictures on my post. I guess I'll try again later. I've been trying since yesterday, though. Kelly, you're the one who got me into this blogging frenzy - any ideas??

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rachel's Drawing

Once again Rachel comes into the living room to show us what she has been working on. I had to share this one. I love my daughter and my heart just swells when she does this stuff.

Typical Tuesday

The kids love to color. They were waiting for the grass to dry a little bit, they like to go barefoot.

Enjoying the warm spring morning. In the afternoon we got locked out of the house for a couple hours, but I wasn't worried because I had Abby outside with me. Tommy unlocked the door when he got up from his nap. My arm is tired from lugging her around that long.

Thomas does everything the big kids do. Rachel has to pull over some lawn furniture so he can reach.

You know dad's at work when we are eating in the living room and Tommy's wearing girl's clothing.

Who needs a pet when you have... Abby.

Adam just being cute. He likes to lay in his sleeping bag and watch cartoons.

A favorite family pastime- sitting on the screened in porch listening to the thunder and rain. The kids have never been scared of storms. They were out there last night saying, "Come on God , we want to hear another one!" (And yes, this is Casey's favorite shirt. It was Ben G. that started the whole cut-off craze you know)