Sunday, May 31, 2009


This is Silverado's first summer flowering. He smells so gooooooood.

My only lilac. He was a sad little stick stuck behind some other plants at Wal-Mart 2 years ago. I rescued him and this is how he thanks me. :)

Iris and Baptisia (what a great pest-free plant!)
I wish they flowered all summer.

Laura, if you are interested I will probably have some little Jacob's Ladder seedlings for you- he's a prolific little bugger and he likes shade. Just let me know.

Busy Busy Weekend

We went on a date Friday night! Laurie came over with Addie to watch our kids, and down to the Temple Theater we went. The movie we saw was made by a guy that Casey knows, it was all filmed right here in our little town. It was cool to watch a movie where we actually knew the "star"! Can you see all those people lined up? Every seat in the house was sold.

Addie turned "1" on Saturday! Casey and the kids were able to make it to the festivities while I was at our MOPS planning meeting. I don't believe in cloning, but sometimes it really would come in handy.

Hard at work on the underground bunker

Rachel to the rescue! Anna is just as bad as Adam was when it comes to eating dirt and other inedibles. (or is it unedibles?)

Today is my honey's birthday! Happy Birthday, Casey! We appreciate all the hard work you do- always with a smile. :) I mean, he even mows the lawn on his birthday, for Pete's sake. Don't feel too bad for him, he did get to go golfing with Laurie and their dad this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Anna and Addie are on the ride of their lives.

Laurie MADE this cake. How awesome is she? Since we were all up north together we celebrated grandpa's 60th a little early. :) Adam gave grandpa a bag with $5.00, some odd change, a gold star, and a couple bug drawings. I know it was his favorite gift.

We always make S'mores. Laurie has a couple very unflattering pictures of me eating s'mores that she promised me she wouldn't post. Right, Laurie????

Sliding at Aloha State Park

Josh, I hope this pic doesn't make you homesick.
Adam was the perfect tourist and carried around a camera all day. Mind you it had no film in it, and he showed everyone that would look at it.

Before and After

I was trying to not cut bangs, but we couldn't stand it any longer.
I think they turned out pretty cute!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Mom's Work is Never Done

So we play in the back yard a lot. We basically live out there once it's warm enough to run out with no shoes (and for Tommy that mean around March when there is still some snow around, but I digress... ). But tonight I just shook my head as I was picking up all the junk after everybody went to bed. I had to hurry because it was getting dark. Here is a sampling of what a mom with 5 kids finds in the yard at dusk...
*A fork
*6 shoes (a couple of them didn't even have a mate)
*5 lawn chairs (some are big, some are small)
* 2 wagons
* a shovel and 2 spades (they are "working" in their hole again)
* a notebook and feather topped pen (I'll give you two guesses who that belongs to.)
* a basketball (because it's fun to dribble in the grass)
* a bowl (I think it went with the fork)
* a scooter (again, because it's fun in the grass)
* 1 sock
* 2 t-shirts
* various faded plastic toys

I am tired. I think I'll go read my book The Spider Catcher. It is so good! It is fiction, but I feel like I'm learning so much about Revolutionary times! It makes me want to visit Boston and Philidelphia. Is that spelled right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What We've Been up to

We have been...

sleeping. Actually Miss Grumpy Pants is sleeping right now. She was up for almost an hour this morning and had to go back to bed because of her crying ways. She has a runny nose again and is cutting the second tooth on top. She's just plain high-maintenance somedays.

trying out a new soup. Jackie, here's another use for those lentils! Abby was excited to see carrots (that's her little finger in the pic).

attempting to get a sweet picture of the two of us. Tommy was trying to take a picture while somebody stuck their fat head in there.

snipping dandelions with my scrapbooking scissors. Thanks, Tommy. They'll never be the same.

waving good-bye to Adam, Rachel, and Daddy. I am so excited that school is almost done for the summer!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Grass is Really Green

Tommy should sleep good tonight. I even took these two rascals flower shopping this morning. THAT was an experience.

Anna will appreciate his overprotective ways someday... but not today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Pics

Just keeping it real- hair not done, can't find anyone's socks, Adam is wearing a tie with a long sleeved t-shirt...
It's amazing we make it to church at all.

Anna doesn't like to be forced to sit.
She is 9 mo. now and taking steps. Oh boy. And she will stand up in the middle of the room, without nary a piece of furniture to grip onto. This all transpired in the past couple days.


And by popular request- FLOWERS. (This means that Amanda wanted to seem my flowers)

I'm glad I took this pic several days ago... the tulips have all blown away today.

Adam loves to climb up the neighbor's cherry tree.

Sunny primrose

The columbine are trying to take over the front step, but I don't mind.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dusting off the Sewing Machine

A while ago Laurie sent me a link to an etsy shop that makes cute little dresses from cut-off onesies. She asked me if I could do that. " Of course I can!" was my thought. So last night I finally made one. I think it's adorable.

It's also fine for a twirl on the sit-n-spin.

You've Got a Friend in Me

So Amber and Mackenzie came over for a couple hours Monday night. See following photos to see if the children had a good time or not.

(This first one is my favorite!!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Today is a Good Day

*The dishes are done! I can see the counter! (This means I didn't do many dishes last night. Anna has been a little clingy)

*One of my favorite plants is starting to bloom.

*I am making "refried beans (without the refry). My friend Laura is a good mom who makes her family eat healthy food (verses me who would live on macaroni and cheese), and this is one of the recipes she has tried. I am so excited! Casey is working days now on Wednesdays, I love having him home at suppertime.

*Abby has been singing Happy Birthday to me all morning. My birthday is in February.

*I know that God has a plan and that he loves me.
I have a patient that I see every 6 months for his cleaning. I saw him on Monday. He is as far left as I am right. We basically agree to disagree, but when he leaves I always end up feeling sorry for him. He was showing me pictures of stars and supernovas, and I think, wow- God did that. He thinks they just... happened.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"This is the best birthday ever!"

Our Adam turned 6 today! It was a great day for a party, Casey's family was here for lunch, and my parents and grandma came later this afternoon. The kids were pooped out after playing with their little cousins and taking several walks around the neighborhood with whomever was willing to take them (it's kind of hard for me to take all 5 by myself). Happy Birthday, Adam! I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Adam liked the bug on his cake. That's about as creative as I get.

Laurie came through BIG time with this collection of bugs. Adam went to the store with grandpa and had to take three of the bugs along.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Thoughts and Questions

* Can you buy dried apricots that are not treated with the stinky sulfer stuff? Maybe a health food store?

* I saw a lady at Kroger with a big tatoo on her calf of Sponge Bob. Because nothing says timeless quite like Sponge Bob.

* I went to several garage sales today. Is it possible to buy a car seat without dog hair on it?

* I did purchase a cookbook and a gardening book today. There was no dog hair on those.

* My husband brings home expired pop from the restaurant to drink. What could be the toxic effects of pop that is expired? It is bad enough when it is fresh.

*Tomorrow is Adam's 6th birthday. I didn't think he'd make it to 5. Yay for us!