Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Vacation

Last week we took a rather spur of the moment mini-vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. The kids LOVED it. Day one was a much more joyous occasion than day 2, but that's how it goes when traveling with children. As Liz would say, we were building memories. Our kids had never stayed in a hotel before, so it was thrilling to say the least. I was afraid I'd lose my camera in the water area, so there are no awesome shots of the big bucket dumping on Rachel or of Adam trying to run laps in the "lazy river".

We believe that ice cream and vacations go hand in hand.

Abby started snooping through drawers but went right to work on her bible studies as soon as she found the Gideon bible.

The kids had their own little "cabin" in our room. They didn't fight as much as I thought they would over the top bunk (Adam ended up getting it for the night).

Adam thanked Casey about 100 times for planning this trip for them. It was so sweet. :)

Adam's was extremely excited when we told him we were going to find a beach somewhere so he could look for shells. We ventured up through Mission Point to see what we could find. We found a light house, some bear tracks, and cooooold wind. Abby was not happy about that OR the sand in her shoes.

I was hoping we could go in the lighthouse, but it was closed.

Well I guess Abby is ready to go. Grump.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Petting Farm

On Tuesday, our MOPS group met at a local petting farm. My kids loved it! They got to hold a baby bunny, kittens, chick, pet a lamb, and a few other critters. Tommy was in all his glory because his best friend Jackson was there. :)

Tommy and Abby love feeding the sheep and goats!

However, Anna prefers to have a fence between her and all galloping farm life.

Our field trip ended with a hayride! Tommy is still talking about the fat pig that he saw along the way.

Speaking of fat pigs...
My kids were playing "I Spy" tonight. Tommy said, "I spy something really huge." Adam says, "Mom!" Ahh, 24 weeks of pregnancy never looked better. Well, that's what I thought until tonight.