Sunday, February 28, 2010

How we Spend our Winter Days

*we make snow angels or try to dig trenches in the back yard

*we nap

*we build tall towers.
I will never get rid of my VHS tapes, they are so versatile.

*we play garage sale

*we make little snow men and drag them into the porch. And then daddy yells at us.

*read in strange places

*do daring stunts off the swing set

*cry when our blanket is in the washing machine

*make cookies to help us forget our blanket is in the washing machine

*playing with cousins!
I watched Addie last night for a few hours. The funniest this about this is that she starts to get all goofy after 9:00- just like her mother. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rachel turns 8

Rachel Grace is 8 today. It seems like yesterday she was toddling around rubbing everything with a cloth "cleaning". And now she is in 2nd grade, writing sentences with her spelling words that embarrass me. She basically chronicles everything that goes on in the house, I need to hang on to some of that stuff. It's funny and she doesn't even know it.

She really wanted to paint pottery for her birthday, so on Saturday I took her to Bay City and she did just that. She picked out a nice little bunny to do. Everything was going great until she got to painting on some whiskers. Well, the paint brushes were a little fat to do nice whiskers, and she ended up crying over her... imperfections. But all ended well, and she seemed satisfied with the finished product. Hopefully it will be done this week, she is getting anxious to see the finished product.