Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy First Birthday Little B.!

Thomas and Bethany (about 1 week old)

My baby is one. Where did that year go? I am terrible at journaling or blogging anything of factual importance, so I thought I'd better jot this stuff down while I'm thinking of it...

Bethany likes...
* me :)
* Ok, she likes the whole family, but she always holds her arms out for Rachel
* bananas and carrots and oatmeal
* to have nibbles of my cookie. She is so spoiled!
* Daddy's picky chin- she laughs and laughs!
* to point at the flowers. This makes me very happy.
* to ride in the stroller around the block
* to play in the neighbor's pool with daddy holding her

Bethany dislikes...
* Cocoa wheat. I love that stuff. I have to make her oatmeal instead.
* refried beans. I'm still wondering if she's really my child.
* to be mauled by Thomas.

Happy Birthday Bethany. We love you very much!


Liz K said...

goodness! That was a fast year! Happy Birthday Little One!

Jenny LaBo said...

awwww little BB. I love it when she crawls in my lap. Okay its usually just to get to Nate but I will take it! Happy Birthday BB!

Kelly Glupker said...

They grow too fast! Happy Birthday!

melissatalbert said...

Oh. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. :)