Thursday, February 9, 2012


Thumbsuckers. Abby (5) just quit sucking her thumb, so that only leaves 3 that still do. Thomas, we need to do something about that.

My friend Becky made all the kids hats! So cute.

Let's just say we are all thankful that the science fair is finally over. I told Jenny if I would've worked this hard on my own school work I would've went to Harvard. Good grief. If you have any questions about calcium propionate do not hesitate to call. Her little project did fetch a blue ribbon, so I guess the tears were all it worth it. Aunt Laurie and her computer skills made it look especially nice.

We are losing teeth left and right this week! Adam has lost his 2 front teeth, and Thomas lost his very first tooth a couple nights ago. Adam is very proud of his gap and loves to show it off to me. :)

I spent the afternoon with my sweetie today. Rachel turned 10 today, I can't believe it. 10 years ago at this moment I was staring into an incubator at my 4lb 4 oz preemie and falling in love with her. There was never a medical reason as to why she wanted to show up 8 weeks early, but I guess life is always full of surprises. Now she is an amazing, tender-hearted, soft-spoken 4th grader. Happy Birthday, Rachel. We love you very much.


Laura said...

I love hearing about your family. Is Rachel standing by this year's art fair? Is is the one currently at Andersen Enrichment? We will be going soon to check out Hadley's work. We will look for Rachel's. I miss her.

Kelly Glupker said...

Have you ever heard of Mavala Stop? You can buy it for under $8 on amazon. Everyone I know who has used it on their thumb suckers has broken the habit in a couple of days.
But the real reason for my comment - which bread molds faster? I must know.

Pam said...

Kelly - I am wanting to know the same thing!

Kara said...

Kelly- store bread has a chemical called calcium propionate in it which slows the mold growth. The homemade bread mold grew much faster than the store bread, but both had lots of mold after a month.

Mavala stop. It sounds vaguely familiar. I'll have to check it out!