Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Latest Project

Ahhh it's springtime. The flowers are blooming, the husband is employed again, and everything seems right with the world. I mean other than the presidential race, but who's keeping track.

So we are going to put in an egress window! I think the boys will be going downstairs. My dad is going to do the actual cutting of the cement blocks and framing out the bedroom walls. But Casey digs a mean hole, so he goes at it with vigor. Lookin' good, Honey!

We're almost there! Casey is a machine when it comes to getting something done. Where does he get all that energy?

Since there was hardly any snow this past winter, we have resorted to making forts out of clay.

These are some of the flowers that made it to my yard after raiding Jenny M.'s garden. Thanks, Jenny!

20 months old already! She loves to put on her "chews" and go outside.


Liz K said...

hey! You are alive and kickin'!! Lovely flowers my friend!

TwoMuths said...

so exciting!!!!!! More space for bedrooms is awesome!

Angie said...

You will love a basement bedroom! Our boys love it, although it did take some getting used to the basement noises:). What a difference it makes. Good luck!

Kelly Glupker said...

As always, your posts make me laugh. So glad to hear you are finishing off the basement. How exciting!